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Friday, October 5, 2012 - Bond movie producer Barbara Broccoli regrets killing off Gemma Arterton in Quantum Of Solace - because she would have liked to have seen the young

Brit in 007's arms again.

Arterton was 21 when she was picked to play Strawberry Fields in Daniel

Craig's second outing as the superspy and admits she was too young and inexperienced to really soak up what it meant to be a Bond girl, so she was thrilled to meet up with Broccoli at Pinewood Studios in England on Global Bond Day (05Oct12) and discover the filmmakers regretted her oily death in the 2008 movie.

She tells the Bbc, "i just met Barbara Broccoli in the corridor and she

said, 'I wish we hadn't killed you off'. It would have been so good to come back."

Arterton admits the time she spent on the Bond set was a lot of fun, but she was too "naive" to really get into the movie.

She adds, "It was my second movie and I just remember feeling it was a dream... There was a really good vibe on set and it was a great time."

And joking about her "awful" sex scene with Craig, she reveals, "It was

my first scene, my first day on the set... and I remember not really knowing what was gonna happen, and then Daniel Craig just started kissing my

back and I was like, 'Oh my God,' but then had to pretend that I was cool about it... He's (Craig) a lovely guy, so he made it very easy."

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