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Friday, October 11, 2013 - Disgraced Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi has appealed to the country's judicial officials to allow him to do community service instead of remaining under house arrest following his convictions for tax fraud.

The former Prime Minister was initially ordered to serve four years behind bars in October, 2012, but the sentence was subsequently reduced to 12 months of house arrest, with the option of completing the punishment with a year of community service.

The 77 year old filed his request in a court in Rome, Italy on Friday (11Oct13).

The tax fraud sentence is just one of Berlusconi's many legal problems - in June , he was ordered to spend seven years in jail for having sex with an underage prostitute in 2010, while he was also sentenced to a year's imprisonment on wiretapping charges last year . (Mt/wnwchr/kl)

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